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Clipse LIVE @ the Fantasy Factory

August 4, 2009


If you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE the Clipse.  I still remember to this day when I first discovered them… I was watching BET‘s Rap City (R.I.P.) and the video for “Grindin” came on.  I was so impressed that I actually went and bought the album the next day!  From then on I’ve been a loyal Clipse fan.

Anywho, this clip was shot at Rob Dyrdek‘s Fantasy Factory at a party thrown by DC Gold Standard, which is DC Shoes‘ takeover of the LA Standard hotel during X-Games weekend.  Apparently they shuttled over eveyone who was staying at the hotel, including athletes and musicians and threw it down big time.  Noteable acts included DJ Clark Kent, Fabolous, and of course the Clipse.  Word is, they’re was mass amounts of DC, Monster, Carl’s Jr., and other drinks flowing big time! (src)

For videos of “Wamp Wamp”  “Ride Around Shining” & “What Happened to that Boy” as well as a BONUS download of “All Eyes on Me

Wamp Wamp

Ride Around Shining

What Happened to that Boy

“All Eyes On Me”

(ft. Pharell & Keri Hilson)

Click here to listen/download

TY&YW: yk2daily, playcloths

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