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Kid Cudi Radio Hit Remixes

June 18, 2009

Radio hit + CuDi = Music 🙂

Kid Cudi

I’m sure you’ve heard Kevin Rudolf‘s “Welcome to the World” or 3OH!3‘s “Don’t Trust Me” …and I know you’ve heard Black Eyed PeasBoom Boom Pow.”  Well these songs have more that the Billboard charts in common, in fact, Kid Cudi has hopped on remixes of all three tracks that are in my opinion MUCH better than the originals!  Just imagine, if the Cudi versions were being played… how HUGE would he be right now?!

Anyways…  I shall share 😉

3OH!3 X KiD CuDi

Listen/Download “Don’t Trust Me” (Remix)

Kevin Rudolf X KiD CuDi

Listen/Download “Welcome to the World” (Remix)

Black Eyed Peas X KiD CuDi

Listen/Download “Boom Boom Pow” (Remix)

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