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Urilift Public urinal

April 2, 2009

Funny and Functional

Urilift Public Pop-Up Toilet

The Urilift’s Public urinal(about $70,000) stays underground all day and rises up every evening for nighttime public urination problem. It will pop up at 10pm and drop down again at 3am every day(if it will close the drunk man undergroud? Maybe I thought …). Unlike the automated, self-cleaning toilets with doors that automatically open after a set time period, the Urilift is a two-meter(over 6 feet tall) high stainless steel cylinder with three alcoves, each with a urinal, and no doors. It’s already installed in various cities in Europe.

Only problem:  there’s nothing to clean your hands with.  They really need to put hand sanitizer in these, for the sake of handshakes.

Check out a video from the source here.

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