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the Air Yeezy!

March 24, 2009

This is why you need to subscribe to Complex.  Marc Ecko knows what’s up, and they always got hot exclusives.  Trust me, I used to get about every magazine out there and most issues I would never get around to reading… well, except Complex.  btw, if anyone from Complex reads this, you need to see this month’s Maxim, they jacked your lil’ article on Sake drinking almost exactly.  I say sue those fuckers!

Complex interview with Kanye and Mark Smith of Nike

KANYE ON THE CREATIVE PROCESS: “We just vibed it out”

KANYE ON THE LIMITED AVAILIBILITY: “They’re not even gonna hit the ground. The boxes from the truck will literally not hit the ground.”

For the complete article, click here

To see more pix of the YEEZY

Black colorway.

Air Yeezy

A prototype with the Kanye sole (not used in final product)

Air Yeezy

Another prototype with a fabric strap and the Kanye sole

Air Yeezy

Grey colorway… My favorite part of the shoe close up!  The lace thingy ha.

Air Yeezy

The rearview.  Black colorway

Air Yeezy

Tan colorway

Air Yeezy

To see the rest of the exclusive pix, plus many more design prototypes and sketches click here

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