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Swiss Air’s new first class suite

February 23, 2009

This is why being a billionaire would be nice…

Via wallpaper*

“We’ve seen a fair few flight deck interiors over the years, and to be frank, most are rarely above par.”
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“However, when we were asked to take a peek at Swiss Air’s newly designed first class suite, we had high hopes for the Alpine air maestros.

What we did not expect, however, was the well-lit, spaciously fitted, techno wonderland that we encountered. Clean lines, white paneling and waffle pine detailing all add to the sense of comforting costliness that wafts around the cabin.

Space is key to its success, and there is plenty of it. The design, from London based firm Priestmangoode, has been built around a fully sized adult, and not the three and a half foot child that is model of choice for many a space-saving airline. Each personal cubicle comes complete with a full bed, large built-in flat screen and a surprisingly solid partition wall to maintain the highest possible passenger privacy.

With a bespoke controller providing seat, screen and light adjustment from the palm of your hand, there is little reason to leave your cubby-hole – unless of course the champagne has been flowing a little too freely, in which case, you may be excused.”

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